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Squeek/creeking in DSD vest

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#1 Michael Stumpf

Michael Stumpf

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Posted 28 August 2004 - 05:44 PM

I've had my DSD vest (#73) for 2 years now and noticed from the early days that when under load, and pushing out the sled away from the body, even just a bit, I hear a slight creeking noise coming from the rear area where the carbon arm mounts to the vest.

I've periodically tightened the 4 bolts that hold the vertical adjustment block onto the vest and periodically tighten the knob that the holds the carbon arm to this vertical block. But I still get that very slight creeking noise.

It's almost impossible to hear on set, but in the quiet of your house with a weight cage on, I can plainly hear it.

Anybody else get this?
I'm sure it's the stress of the weight on the carbon arm, especially when pushing the rig away from your body, but it's always concerned me just a bit about whether it'll crack something back there.


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#2 RonBaldwin


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Posted 29 August 2004 - 10:56 AM

Hi Michael,
I've never noticed noise coming from the rear of my harness (#45) but get alot of leather vrs leather noise from the front "doors". I just excuse myself to the talent and blame the caterer. I've been lazy about dealing with this noise (saddle soap? vasalene? spit?)...yours, however sounds more stress-related. I will pay closer attention to mine to see if I notice anything.

I would get creaking/popping on my old vest (model 2) -- simply loosening, then re-tightening of the bolts would make it go away for awhile, but that's definately not a fix.

ron b
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#3 Michael Stumpf

Michael Stumpf

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Posted 29 August 2004 - 05:11 PM


I spoke to Walter about this shortly after I got the vest in 2002, he said it shouldn't do that and that I need to tighten the bolts back there.
I did and like you said it seemed like a fix.

I heard it again several months ago, tightened the bolts back down and thought nothing of it until recently again I heard it again.
I again tightened the bolts (they were only about 1/4 turn loose, and tightened the knob that holds the carbon arm to that metal plate as tight as I could.

I also noticed there is a tad, I mean like a hairs width or so of play in the arm that I hadn't noticed before.
Even with the vest off and set on the ground, I push up and down on the carbon arm a bit and get a ever so tiny amount of movement, accompanied by a clicking sound.

I'm guessing this is the cause of that stress related creeking I hear when under load.
I'm going to talk to Walter on Monday about it.

It might be an isolated thing with my vest, but it's done it since I got the vest and from time to time when I've heard that, it causes me concern. I'm fearful if it's creeking under stress, the carbon arm might break off someday and down will go the rig.
It might very well be happening in other DSD and Klassen vests too, but unless you are in a very quiet room or on a very quiet set you probably wouldn't even hear it.
But it's evident without a doubt.

If others aren't having this problem, and it's only with my vest, I'll surely need to work something out with Walter.

Thanks, and again, if anybody has a DSD vest, give the push out test a try in a quiet room or setting and let me know if you hear any creeking coming from the back.
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