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Motion Picture Equipment for Sale

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Posted 24 June 2008 - 10:12 PM

Hello all,

I am posting this on behalf of a friend of mine who is a DP.

Call Adam@ 323-864-9130 or meltzer17@gmail.com
All this gear is used and should be inspected before buying.
It is all sold as is and I will answer any questions you have. Happy shopping.

Zeiss (PL)standard mount lenses covers S35MM $11,000 for set (5)

These are the small-barreled lenses that were standard mounted and I had them converted to PL?s. They are not Mark 1,II, or III?s. They have been completely overhauled, PL mounted and have new focus rings put on them. They are ideal for owner operators with a RED package or any other cameras that need 35MM motion picture lenses.

The set includes
16MM Lens Distagon F 2.4
24MM Distagon F 2.2
32MM Planar F 2.8 (this lens has a turning mount)
50MM Planar F-2.2
85MM Planar F 2.2

The following will be sold as singles for $1500 each. They are standard mount lenses and are sold as is. They have been overhauled, but not PL?d.

16MM Lens Distagon F 2.4
32MM Planar F 2.8
24MM Distagon F2.2

SL CINE- S35MM Cam Body with Watec Camera (2 available)
$12,000 each
#1 is a 12v camera
#2 is a 24V which runs up to 80FPS
These camera in good working condition. Cosmetically they are not great, but they have been serviced and are operating perfectly.

The SL 35 is a rugged super lightweight camera. Weighing in at 2.6-kilos, it goes from 1 to 80 fps and is crystal controlled at all speeds. SL 35 Mark II is a specially modified adaptation of the high speed Arri 2C movement, and proprietary electronics. Standard equipment on board consists of a built-in video door and has a PL mount for S35MM. New added features include an extra 11-pin fisher connector on the back of the camera for optional accessories; moreover, these connectors have been upgraded to 8.5 amp output at 12 volts out.

Arri 200? magazine for SL Cine (5) $200 each
These are the old school mags. They are extremely reliable and bulletproof.

XL H1 HD Camcorder with HD 20x Zoom XL 5.4-108mm L ISII

The XL H1 HD camcorder offers a broad range of capabilities, emulating those of cameras that are significantly more expensive. They include the "Professional JackPack" which allows the user to send out an uncompressed HD signal (through the HD-SDI terminal), input and output SMPTE time code and receive a Genlock signal. Image capture through Genuine Canon optics, which rank among the very best in the world, interchangeable lenses and the "open architecture" of Canon's XL series of camcorders gives the XL H1 superb creative flexibility.

L H1 Camcorder Body
CA-920 Compact Power Adapter
DC-920 DC Coupler
BP-950G Battery Pack
SDC-16M Memory Card
SL-D5000 Wireless Controller
SS-1000 Shoulder Strap
Adapter Holder
DTC-1000 Component Video Cable
AC Cable
Microphone Unit
PC-A10 Skirt Adaptor
2 AA Batteries
Camcorder Dust Cap
Lens Hood

JVC 9" Monitor in airline case TM-910-SU $300

Transvideo 10.4" LCD monitor (standard def) $3000

Transvideo 10.4" flat panel monitor (PAL, SECAM, and NTSC) uses the latest TFT technology and is especially designed for professional use. Thanks to its very high-brightness and special optical coatings of the glass, Transvideo 10.4" High-Brightness monitor may be used in low-light situations as well as in full sun without hood. The new generation of 10.4" Transvideo monitors offers the widest viewing angle ever available in LCD technology (70°). The 10.4" monitor, will display a 4:3 image, a 16:9 for wide-screen, video imaging, or anamorphic images (1:2.35) for wide-screen motion picture. New features include vertical and horizontal flips. Less than 2.5" thick, 5lb., Transvideo 10.4" monitor is very rugged and shielded against electro-magnetic interferences. It is ideal to use in limited spaces. This multi-standard monitor offers the possibility to recenter the image (PAL mode). Sophisticated software driven electronic menus provide access to different options, including adjustments of Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and Hue (in NTSC) and much more.


Transvideo 6? Cine Monitor (standard def) $1500
This is a standard def monitor with spectacular quality. It can be used
As an on board monitor for any SD video camera or film camera.
The transvideo was for many years the motion picture camera on board video staple in the industry.

NALPAK TUFFPAK Tripod Case $175
This tripod hard plastic case can hold heavy duty standard sticks
It retails new for over $400.


Mamiya 7II with 80MM Lens $1400

The Mamiya 7 II is a medium format 6x7cm rangefinder camera with interchangeable leaf shutter lenses. It is "The Ultimate 6x7 Rangefinder", virtually no bigger than the top 35mm SLRs. Quiet, compact and lightweight, the Mamiya 7 II has a built-in Aperture Priority A/E meter with fully manual exposure capability. This allows one to create incredibly detailed 6x7cm "Ideal Format" images with ease. A panoramic adapter accessory can be used for true 24x65mm panoramic images. The precision rangefinder is ideal for quick, accurate focusing, particularly in low light situations.

At last, photographers have the creative freedom to express themselves with incredibly detailed, ideal format 6x7cm images or 24x65 panoramic format, using an elegant, silent, fast, versatile and lightweight rangefinder camera that sports six ultra-high performance lenses from 210mm telephoto to 43mm superwide.

The camera design offers fast, easy and accurate precision rangefinder focusing, ideal even in low light situations. Fully coupled, with auto indexed and parallax corrected frame lines for four state-of-the-art lenses that are the pinnacle of modern optical design. The Mamiya 7 II's rangefinder design also eliminates noise and vibration of typical SLR mirror movement, and coupled with Mamiya's own silent and precise electromagnetic shutter, allows for quiet and unobtrusive work in any situation. You see the subject at the moment of exposure - without missing a heartbeat. Ideal for photojournalists and all candid photography.

The 6x7cm format is nearly 5 times larger than ordinary 35mm format. 6x7 is called the ideal format because it enlarges to standard 8x10" paper size with almost no cropping, thereby using virtually the entire image area. Professionals will find art directors and clients appreciate the large, detailed 6x7cm format over others.

The Mamiya 7 II also have convenient and accurate built-in aperture priority AE (with 1/6 step increments), or completely manual metering with LED readouts. In both modes, +/-2 exposure compensation in 1/3 steps is possible. The AE system is able to provide excellent exposures for virtually any lighting situation, even with high contrast subjects. An AE lock is provided to give the photographer final exposure control. All shutter speeds can also be set manually on the camera's shutter speed dial. In this mode the exposure meter can still be utilized by observing the LED readouts along the bottom edge of the viewfinder. Exposure compensation from +2 to -2 EV gives additional manual control to adjust for filters or to obtain certain desired effects.
The built-in curtain, activated by a control on the bottom of the camera, permits lens change without fogging film. It locks if the lens is not securely attached to the body.
6x7cm - The Ideal Format
35mm Panoramic Adapter Kit
Automatic and Manual Control Metering
"Dark Slide" Curtain for Changing Lenses
Polaroid Capability

43MM Mamiya Lens $1300

The Mamiya 43mm f/4.5 is a true wide angle design that produces unparalleled results - with a maximum of 0.04% distortion at the corners. The 43mm f/4.5 opens up a new world of distortion-free ultra-wide angle photography. Supplied with ultra-wide optical finder. The detachable ultra-wide optical finder is used for composition. It features a built-in, adjustable diopter, rubber eyecup, and built-in spirit level.
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