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Tx overview

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Posted 22 January 2008 - 12:47 PM

FAQ on Video Transmission

There are only a few video transmitters that work well while moving:
(prices approximate, performance based on personal opinion only) This is an overview for personal use only, do not distribute.

Note: Most Tx might induce noise in audio recording and sometimes in video if mounted directly on some small portable consumer DV type cameras. Most Tx induce noise in professional microphones less than 3 ft away unless they are the new CMC6 Shoepps.

For use in the USA:

Digitran ? digital transmission means perfect picture always: indoor range 135 feet. 75 feet outside, 8 frame audio delay, FCC Part 15, No license required: Legal to use anywhere Complete Package for rent, no license necessary. 9-14 volts, built in antennae, very convenient.
Outdoor range 45% of Modulus = 30 yards = 90 ft.
Indoor stage range: 140% of Modulus
Picture quality is always excellent. No flicker, no fuss. No complaints. Built-in antenna. Great for stage use. Has 380 millisecond delay. Audio delay to feed headphones is included. There is no license necessary and they can be used by anybody anywhere under any circumstances for any use. We will rent them. Call us to find out the latest. Range is still limited in 2006.

2007 model is available outdoor range 300 yards plus, legal in USA and worldwide price: $ 6700.00. Check with us. Same delay makes it difficult for most on set uses. Made in Great Britain.

Price pre 2007 unit some used ones for $ 1300. Complete and going fast.

Digital Video Transmitter ? WiFi Cam-Wave Wevi
This new digital transmitter always has a perfect picture: moving or stationary camera. No flickers, no glitches whatsoever! License free operation anywhere in the world. Only one receiver possible per transmitter. Same performance as the pre 2007 Digitran, lower price. Call for specials. No license required: Legal to use anywhere
By anybody under any circumstances, no license required. FCC Part 15 approved. Frequency WiFi 5.2 GHz. Price (Fall 2006) $2795.00 and going down. Discontinued in 2007. Hard to find except at some rental houses.

BMS makes a digital 2.4 Tx with 10 frame delay and firewire in only for $ 30,000.00
its fitted for Bauer or IDX batts. And requires a firewire out camera. Range is less than 70 yards I have heard. Not tried this myself. License free. Original made by Tandberg and repackaged someone said.

Coherent?s 900MHz microwave system uses special diversity receivers, that means a lot less flicker. A special version can burn TC in picture. We get 1-1.5 miles on a golf course out of this system after we tweak it; 3 miles on a helicopter. Often problematic in the big cities as there is masses of 900 stuff around. There is no need for a 2nd guy to point receive antennae unless you are at the ragged end of range. These systems are produced by new owners ? Halcyon halcyonmicro.com - with higher prices. We have them in rental packages as a fully legal system in the USA for any use ? No license required, FCC Part 15 licensed. These systems work better than the stuff at 2.4G because of lower frequency and diversity reception. Rx antennas are large.
For rentals check: http://www.wolfvid.c...ntal_900Mhz.pdf

Fabulous for Steadicams, Handycams, float cams, wirecams, glidecams and handheld work Range: 190 yards with rod antenna on receiving Watchman, , effective ¼ wave antenna with SMA connector, 9-30V reverse polarity protected, 160mA, size: 1¼x2x¼" NTSC + PAL (needs PAL receiver for color) Cable Channel 59, Freq. = 434 MHz only. 3?x2?x7/8? needs power cable for Lemo connector, video on BNC input. NTSC + PAL, additional audio on special order only. ?Twice as good as the professional models. But you can use only one at a time.? For amateur radio use FCC Part 97 only in the USA. Not in abundant supply.
Price in 2007 $ 550.00

Check http://wolfvid.com/d...CKBOOK_long.pdf

FM2 Microwave
This is used by many European and Japanese and Aussie companies for long range car to car, boat to shore, helicopter to ground, etc. Use in the USA for experimentation and amateur use only Part 97 use in USA for amateur TV only. Basic range is 2 miles on golf course; helicopter range is 4 miles; 30 miles with an amplifier. A solid combat proof packaged unit with special diversity receiver and most excellent custom antennae. For a helicopter or other long range video link there is no choice but the FM2 equipment. Rent $ 350 a day for non USA use. 4 can be used at one time. Check for sales sheet http://wolfvid.com/d...ts/FM_TX_12.pdf
Manual at

WSV Point to point 2.4 link
This is a 1 mile video/audio link license free in the USA Part 15. Works best with fixed antennae pointing at each other. There are versions of this for overseas use with 50 mile range. Simple to set up. No technician needed. Often this becomes part of a repeater system that looks around one corner or over one hill. Available for rent.

Avalon 2.4G Diversity, 1 Watt (for overseas use) with 1 mile range. Very low power version available for USA with minimal range ? approx 50 feet. You need to put up 4 pieces of 4? square flat panel antenna 2 feet apart ? nicely made, pro-connectors. www.Avalonrf.com . Not good on a stage covered with chicken wire. Occasional highlight reversal like Coherent. Coherent range is TWICE. WSV FM is TEN TIMES. Penetration of sheet rock not good Ouch! Not much good in cities nowadays there is so much 2.4 stuff that there is no room for this to work well in the urban areas of the wired wireless world. Factory service varies as to permanently changing ownership. Price: minimum package US $7200.00. Not really sure if these are on the shelf all the time. Avalon changed owners in 05. Service varies.

Transvideo 2.4G Tx-Rx
Same probs as all part 15 low power Tx in that band of freques. Bad in the cities that are full of 2.4 stuff, OK in the boonies. Still it flickers wickedly when the transmitter moves because no diversity. Not really acceptable in most folks eyes. License free in USA.http://www.transvideointl.com/ available thru B+H photo in NY or direct, or from the manufacturer/repair in France.

Digital TX 2 GHZ
Not broadcast quality (perfect for video assist), MPEG. This is a British made TX 2?x6?x12? that draws 1A gets very hot and has only a one frame delay. In 2007 it costs $ 30,000.00 and is made to order after advance payment of approx. 6 weeks. Outdoor range is 4000 feet (not much) and it has a perfect picture all the time. You can use it in the USA legal 2.4G band at reduced power with much less range (slightly better range as the part 15 stuff but no flickers). It also covers the tightly controlled new USA broadcasters ENG channels around 2 G. Awkward receiver with lots of small filter boxes that help in the cities. Likes long Helixes to receive. You can set up as many receivers as you can afford. You can set up a cell type arrangement where the good receivers turn on and continuously deliver a good signal. This is the way to work around corners, mountains and buildings. (its pricey). Should have longer indoor range than the FM stuff due to helpful reflections.

Broadcast Microwave:
BMS in San Diego and a company in Boston make similar units with USA support cost $ 60,000 and up. Some are analog most are digital now. These units are hard to find in rental stock generally require a technician to set up and keep going. Rental rate approx. US$ 1500.00 a day. The frequencies are guarded by the TV station therefore hard to get and are pretty busy in the large Cities. Often several TV stations share the channels and during special events the Spectrum is all used up. Another competing company is Nucmm in New England.

www.wolfvid.com for lots of other info
or call Wolf Seeberg Video 310 822-4973

Comparison chart (a little aged):

Modulus CanaTrans Avalon Coherent WSV FM2 Digitrans or Cam-Wave Wevi Mini Spy
Rx ant Flat panel Flat panel 4x panel 3x Helix 3x Helix Built-in Flat Pnel
Range indoor stage 80 ft. 100 ft. 60? ft. 80 ft. 400 ft. 150 ft. 160 ft.
Outdoor street thru 2 walls 100 ft. 130 ft. 70 ft. 200 ft. 500 ft. 60 ft. 200 ft.
Golf course 100 ft. 130 ft. 100 ft. 1 mile 2 miles 60 ft. 250 ft
Air craft 100 ft. 130 ft. 100 ft. 1 mile up to 10 miles 4 miles up to 30 miles 60 ft. 250 ft
Picture quality OK Good Good Good Excellent Always perfect Less flicker than Mod. Or Cana
Price $2000 + Rx $4000 + Rx $7200 complete $5000 complete $7000 complete $5000 2 pieces only $ 550
Legal to use in Non-USA Non-USA USA OK Part 74 USA OKPart 15 USA OKPart 97 USA OKPart 15 USA OKPart 97
Hey - there may be mistakes in this and its only a personal opinion anyway, forget suing me this is just ONE experiment by one person.

Note: none of the legal restrictions in the USA apply for sales outside the USA. We sell to Europe, Canada, South America and Asia. The Coherent Microwave and digital microwave systems are legal to use in the USA. Call us for details.

Our rental packages are very complete and, as always, it is the accessories that make a system work smoothly. You get the best antennas and great phone and educated native English speaking staff support. You got to have read the manuals before I spend hours on the phone with you.

Talented, persistent, ingenious amateurs can do well by studying the very extensive manuals. Camera people need to read the manuals and to tweak receive antenna position (at least up and down) to optimize reception. Fine tuning Receivers is not an art, but is necessary for UHF transmitters. Inflated egos do not make electronics work better.

Mini Tuner w/ remote control, only $180. As good as anything else. We have them available, non-diversity. For TV and Mini Spy TX. Fragile but good.

Check: http://wolfvid.com/d...CKBOOK_long.pdf

Now there is also a lot of cheap Chinese ?stuff? in the microwave range appearing on the internet. The advertisements are way optimistic. That nameless stuff has very short range and there are no repair possibilities. It is still junk. There is no diversity available, which is a must for FM microwave to reduce flicker (multipath). Some Camera rental house rent it in LA and claim 40 feet range. Optimists.

Sony TU1041U We stock them used, bullet proof steel case, uses 12V, 110AC or NP1 power, good connectors, all round workhorse. For TV and Mini Spy TX. Check http://wolfvid.com/d.../Tuner_1041.pdf Cost US $ 950 in 2007.


Marshall receives signals from mini transmitters and broadcast TV stations, daylight viewable, NTSC: VHF, UHF, CATV, wide viewing angle, 3/8th Baby pin mount, video out, 16:9 not anamorphic, powers up on same channel as powered down, Li-Ion NP-1 Battery lasts 6+ hours attached in rear. Monitor alone with protective custom screen cover on LCD approx. $ 650.00, Bracket with soft squishy handles approx. $450.00 Call for prices?Check:
there are used versions available occasionally, there are some versions with cheaper monitors, why mess with crappie Chinese garbage???

Receive antenna for 400-1000 MHz (TV and radio mics):
Wolf Seeberg Video green flat panel antenna. PSC, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, CIT, Zaxcom, all make similar ones, they are more expensive, but do the same thing more or less. 2007 price $ 175.00

Check http://wolfvid.com/d..._flat_panel.pdf

FOR MORE INFO: Wolf Seeberg Tel: (310) 822-4973 www.wolfvid.com
If you have trouble with some of the datasheets just write to us wolf@wolfvid.com

Other FAQ available on CAT15, RF links and transmitters, LCD cleaning, AC power protection, also read
and secret links (write to us for them)
go to http://www.tvprogear.com/ click on the LEARN tab and there are a bunch of good articles

Now the impossible:
To transmit around steel and concrete buildings, around corners and tru mountains: If you don?t mind a 12-20 frame delay you can use a British 2.4 digital system that has multiple receivers joined by CAT15 cable that can receive up to 6 cameras and switch receivers automatically to follow camera position. They are in LA and London and regularly do Reality shows. Its setuptime and a lot of cabling but works pretty well with resolution good enough to watch but not put on TV. Needs a technician of course. Call us we will put you in touch.

www.wolfvid.com email: wolf@wolfvid.com

========== End of my document =====================


For use outside the USA from some other source on the ?internet? quoted for personal informational purposes only:

CanaTrans has better picture and slightly better range than Modulus. Has easy menu adjustable video gain for night imagery, adjustable power output, channel 20-50, built-in volt meter, low voltage cut off, no video in battery saver cut off, rachety audio included ? made and sold from Canada. NTSC or PAL Well made, all microprocessor controlled and aligned for minimal maintenance. Check http://wolfvid.com/d...s_TX_MANUAL.pdf

Modulus 300o is the most used for short range applications. Special version can burn timecode into pix. There are probably 1500 Moduluses in use worldwide. Any TV can receive the Modulus. Not for use in USA. No longer manufactured. Modulus 4oo0 has been announced for 2 years, some available in 2008. Said to not be the final model, said to not have quite the range of the older 300o. Use WSV ½ wave antennae ? much improvement. Print your own manual from our website, call us really a good read If you know that stuff you know more than anybody on the world.

David Hable at Cramped Attic in Canada (604) 254-8619. Has a small and light prototype Tx. Specify that you want a BNC ant. connector. Use ½ wave antennae ? much improvement. Also specify power in connector, all are possible, just match whatever you have ? avoid Hirose. Channels 14-69. 10-36VDC. No power ON/OFF switch ? that?s good except for steadicam use. No auto off. Lower power and much less range than Modulus as of Nov. 2007. Tends to generate herringbone in the sample in 2007 Nov. It?s still a work in progress it seems. Dave is very customer friendly. Expect product improvements. Buy direct from the guy who makes them for $ 2000 in Nov 2007: David McKnight dave_mcknight@mac.com equinox.digital.cinema.inc Vancouver B.C. Canada

Dave also repairs Modulus slowly in weeks not months like others. Decent rates, too.

Previously listed non USA items are covered by this legal statement:

This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased until the approval of the FCC has been obtained. This device and manual is for export use only.

9/34/07 you know prices change in one direction only and specs are just illusions. I tried to not advertise the vaporware out there.
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Posted 28 January 2008 - 09:06 AM

Thanks for the overview.
Interesting stuff
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