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Do you have good steadicam jobs or not

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#1 Steadiman


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Posted 15 June 2004 - 04:59 AM

Hello There. B)

This is a open question to you! -all arround the world!?

How is the work and jobs where you live? are you busy with steadicam work or is it hard to get the gigs?

Please write a note about your situation in your part of the world!

This question is so we all can lern how the buisness of steadicam operators is all over the world. I think it's important that we all know how the buisness is going and not just care about ouer self.

regards Thomas Svenson. (Norway)

Please write now...... thank you
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#2 Nikk Hearn-Sutton SOC

Nikk Hearn-Sutton SOC

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  • Cincinnati,Ohio

Posted 15 June 2004 - 08:24 AM

Well it all depends on a couple things 1) The market that your in as in how many productions are going on in your area e.i. city L.A., NY, Chicago, ect,ect,ect Dot dot dot com, 2) your experience can you fly a 35mm,16mm,DVC PRO and how long you've been an operator and what type of rig do you have. Myself I've been "IN PRATICE" for about 8 to 9 months and I've done small productions as in independent films,sporting events and music videos but when I can I always try to get a camera from my good friends @ The Camera Dept. here in Cincinnati,Ohio and try on different cameras on my SK2. Needless to say I can only fly certain rigs. On my rig I can fly DVC PRO,BetaCams,XL1-1s and tried to fly a HD rig but it was too heavy for those type of cameras I need a Dual arm for the weight. And speaking of which for anyone who is reading this and could tell me where I could find a dual arm and the $ let me know. But back at the matter at hand, I'm the only Op in my area that I know of and word has been speading around even though I'm in small market I'm making the best of it so if I do happen to move or get a call to fly a rig in another city or state I have the experience from where I was and though where I am the circle may be small working with crews I've worked with before,I gets bigger cause they know someone who knows someone else that could possibly get you the next big gig. So I hope all this was informative for you but as you will see that 9 months is nothing compared to the rest of the Ops who have been flying for years as in Garret Brown,Jerry Holway, Eric Landau just to name a few but what ever the veterans say or tell you listen cause there old and you should respect your elders :D. Seriously, any info they give take heed of it,it will make you a better operator and with the trade that were into as I like to call "THE BROTHERHOOD (not to discriminate to the SISTERS that are flying also)" but you get the jist of it cause not everyone can do what we do so in a sence that makes us SPECIAL not to be confused with the small yellow bus even though some should be on that bus but I digress. Hope I helped and KEEP FLYIN"

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#3 Johanwindfeld


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  • Denmark

Posted 15 June 2004 - 08:58 AM

Hello. Here in Denmark/Sweden there is very few steadicam operators.. but they are the best! The very best.. they can operate perfect and run up and down on special build rails and run at the side at a football match. There is about 10 serius operators in Denmark & Swende, and thew work sometimes 8 houers or more with the rig on. So the thing is here.. they have the jobs! and they are known as the best, so other and new operators cant get in to steadicam operating.. the cant steal the jobs from "super steadicam operators".. B)
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