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The Teletest OZL1702 7" 16:9 LCD

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#1 paulselley


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Posted 15 June 2004 - 03:52 AM

I work for Teletest and am very interested in your comments regarding our 7" LCD monitor the OZL1702 with TX/RX and large variety of power options.

I came across this forum simply by accident and thought it a great opportunity to try and get some important feedback.

Those of you whom own a Teletest monitor, are you happy with it? Are there any extra features you think should be incorporated into this LCD monitor?

Those of you who DO NOT own a Teletest LCD monitor, have you considered one before?

When you were in the market for an LCD, did you look at the Teletest model?

If you did NOT buy a Teletest LCD was there a specific reason ? What was it that made you choose another manufacturer.

For more information and the specification of the OZL1702 please use the following link.

The Teletest OZL1702 PDF

Or email me and I will happily send you brochures and prices.
Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to your replies.

Kind Regards
Paul Selley
pauls@teletest.co.uk 01202 646100
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#2 Ramon Engle

Ramon Engle

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 08:23 AM

Hi Paul. What's the price for this monitor? Do any operators currently own and use one of these on their sled?

Ramon Engle
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#3 Frederic Chamberland

Frederic Chamberland

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 09:41 AM

Hi Paul,

I have the 1722 Monitor , NTSC version (the 1702 is the PAL if i'm not mistaken). serial#23010. This one was actually the demo the distributor had in Montreal for a while. The NTSC version was hard to get at the time (last year) and since everyone here in Montreal had a chance to test it, the distributor agreed to sell it to me. I was able to test it for a week and since I was upgrading from a Panasonic, I was currently very happy with the options and the packaging the Teletest offered for the price. Side to side with the Panasonic, the screen brightness was about 20-25 % brighter on the Teletest. I wanted a new monitor, and knew I wanted an LCD with more options and rugness. Teletest fulfilled my demands.
What I love about it :
-Casing and craftsmanship, very sturdy and feels solid and professional.
-Flip-mirror-16:9-4:3 switches (great options)
-RED Low voltage LED, simple and the most precise low-voltage meter ever, when the red light appears, I have about 10 minutes left...enough to finish the shot.
-LCD is brighter than the Panasonic but don't expect more "resolution"...
What would be nice to modify:
-the blue buttons (brithness, color, contrast) are hard to dial with big fingers. And I play with them a lot. longer knobs would be aprieciated.
-The sun hood mounting options, I have scratched all the sides of my monitor just trying to get that hood on and off everytime. You have to unscrew the monitor from the bracket to put the hood on, this is just too complicated, we have to sometimes take it off and on very fast and I can't do it under 2 minutes... We need velcro options here.
-The holding bracket also would need stiffer aluminum or a new design. feels a bit weak when looking to the whole product.
-And finally, the anti-glare coating, there are situations where this coating is killing me (like on a cloudy day, the screen reflects the clouds and my screen goes almost "blank" in many viewing angles), the direct sunlight is also problematic from time to time but I can always get around with a flag or a sun hood extension.

And now the price : Paid mine 2100$CAN (about 1600$ US) last year. Price was for the DEMO with warranty from Teletest. A Panasonic costs 800$CAN (500$US) here so about 1.5 times more for the Teletest.

If you are in the market for a LCD right now, consider the Teletest. The things I complain above are small details and can be avoided with ease. The monitor is sharp, bright, well made and has enough options for the Steadicam world.
The Panasonic is still a great backup system but you will never want to go back to it after trying the Teletest. It is just a great, professionnal monitor.

Frederic Chamberland
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#4 RobVanGelder


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Posted 15 June 2004 - 12:18 PM

I use one too, PAL version, and I am very happy with it. I mentioned last year that at the Stockholm workshop we had several monitors side by side, Panasonic, Teletest and Transvideo and the Teletest was the most impressive.

I can agree with most of the comments already made.

For the glare I use many times a thin sheet of black rubber opposite the monitor, between the post and the monitor and I angle the monitor so that it reflects (most of the time) the black rubber.

This works reasonable well, though it´s a bit prone to wind...

One good new option would be: HD-SDI to SD converter on the back......
I mentioned that to engineering in the past, did it see the daylight yet?

Rob van Gelder
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#5 Rich Steel

Rich Steel

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Posted 16 June 2004 - 12:15 PM

I own the PAL version and agree with most of the comments said so far, except the comment:

"The things I complain above are small details and can be avoided with ease."

Why should we as a purchaser avoid things with ease. I agree, the monitor is a great unit for the price but like most things related to steadicam there always has to be a compromise, fix or work around. Hell, lets face it, the job wouldn't be half as interesting if we didn't have to figure out problems to other peoples products, technology, shots, directors, talent, etc...All I'm saying is that the unit could be 100x better if the things mentioned on this forum take heed.

But here's my penny's worth anyway:

The Casing is a Marvel, Feels bomb proof and very sturdy. (Haven't dropped it yet but won't worry to much if I do).
Good Switch Layout on Front Panel and Rear.
Expansion is always a good thing in my book so top marks for the rear panel Layout.
Contrast, brightness & Colour Buttons are perfect. Please don't change these. Nothing worse than having oversized buttons that get bumped or nudged by accident and whack's out all your settings.

The Steadicam Mount is way way to springy and lacks the integrity we operators are used to.
The Sun Visor is a real pain in the ass to add and remove.
Viewing Angle sucks in daylight.

Over all not a bad product. I'd give it a (3) out of (5) scoring. I Still use my old CRT if working outdoors as the LCD just doesn't cut the cheese I'm afraid. As for the Steadicam mount comment, here's my justification, I've ran with the mount and it's very disorientating when your monitor is bouncing around on it's mount. The first couple of takes shot when running, I had to ask for replays because I was very aware of the movement (it's that bad) I thought there was a problem somewhere else until I actual Jumped up and down on the spot and seen the movement while not concentrating on the talent and shot.
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#6 paulselley


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Posted 17 June 2004 - 04:39 AM

Well Thank you for your responses, they were great. We appreciate your time in writing them.

the price of the unit is £895 / 1343 Euros / $1701. Our monitors are in constant use all over the world. If you would like me to mail you a colour brochure with price list, please contact me by email with your posting address. pauls@teletest.co.uk

Thank you very much for your positive comments regarding our LCD and it was very interesting to read your critisiscms aswell. As a company we strive to design and manufacture a product that is as user friendly as possible with all the important features specific to cameramen and steadicam users.

With regard to the sunhood, have you seen the OZA1122 The OZA1122 Sunhood

The cost if this hood is £29 / 44 Euros / $55

Frederick Chamberland,
Sounds like an interesting idea useing the black rubber strip, I will have to look at that one. With regard to the HD-SDI to SD converter. We exhibited at the NAB this year and noticed a huge demand for HD SDI. I beleive this will be the standard that sticks and the UK will follow. After all we have been waiting long enough !

Now that non linear suites can accomodate the bandwidth and speed required to edit the HD format there will be no stoping it. Sure enough Teletest will follow.

To any cameraman looking at HD / HD SDI be very carefull when choosing an HD LCD monitor, i have noticed certain manufactures advertising there LCD's as Hi def when actuallt they are not, they may well play a HD picture but not ia true HD format!
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#7 paulselley


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Posted 17 June 2004 - 04:43 AM


We have taken what you said with heed and your comments are appreciated.
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