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WEVI Review

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Posted 10 February 2007 - 11:13 AM

hey all of my steadicamforumfriends

so i have been using the WEVI wifi transmitter extensively over the past month and figured I should post a quick review because i ran into a problem yesterday with it. i am strictly doing video with beta and hd with downconverter. no film here in my documentary/reality world. bummer.

in short the system is absolutely perfect in the range and when you are out of range it holds a freeze frame.
what does that mean? well range for me as of late has been anything from reciever/monitor in the next room around 15 feet away from to having them upstairs inside a 3 story house when i am outside of the house and they are probably 200 feet. i did a shoot where i was much farther away in a huge building and the only time i had a freeze was when i was at least 300 feet away from my reciever and totally obstructed from metal and cement walls. i use it constantly for 10 hours at least a day shooting this series.

the antennas are nice because they just screw on top and they can articulate/tilt and pan, however the antenna connections are threaded into the top lid of each box and they have had a tendency to come loose and i have to tighten them up. the reason is that they are threaded counterclockwise into the housing and when you tighten the antenna down onto the threaded connection in will loosen itself from the box because it is threaded.

make sense? maybe not. you thread the antenna onto the antenna connection but the antenna connection is threaded in the opposite direction so when you tighten the antenna too much it can loosen the connection because you are unscrewing that. not a huge deal but annoying.

however i have had a grip being a little too heavy handed on my system and the antennas and connections are still in great shape.

i use IDX v lok batts but i bought some AB adapter plates and i use the transmitter on an AB mount camera all the time and occasionally use the plate adapter with a zylight camera light and everything works perfect. so passing power through the transmitter and plates and camera with and without lights has been cool and same goes on my sled.

the 10 frame delay is a drag but all 3 of my producers have become accustomed to watching things that appear out a sync a little. however they are usually just watching for reference and they are just so happy not to have to haul the monitor all over the place. it is a bit of a drag like i said, i would probably get annoyed at first but it is not that hard to adjust your brain. i have not used a behringer with it yet.

so all in all i dig it and everyone i have used it with loves the picture quality.

yesterday i was shooting everything was cool doing some broll around this condo and some exteriors with our host and then i switched a battery and the reciever froze up and cannot find the transmitter. actually the reciever won't look for the transmitter to find a link. what happens is the you turn them both on and there are some blue blinky lights and they look for each other and then when they lock on the rate/frequency light blinks on and off slow or fast depending on how strong the signal is. kind of like bluetooth.

so yesterday the thing just froze and wont even startup. what a drag. i, of course, the big dummy have no backup but just hardwire all day and when i do steadicam had the producer on my heels or closer struggling to see my LCD until finally i just pulled the plug and said trust me, it will be cool. a luxury most of us will never have, but i did, so i did it and took responsibility for any shot they do not like.

the good news about the whole deal is that i called WEVI at like 11am est and said what is up with this thing, they had no idea, and so i said ship me a loaner and i will send it back to be fixed.

8:15 am est today my WEVI arrives at my door.

Good service yes?

I think so.

So a good product, great signal, superior service, and i am adjusting everyone around to be 10 frames behind real life, so i guess at the end of the day i wrap just a bit earlier than them.

any questions or anything let me know.


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