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The Bizarre-o-world steadicam

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#1 Rich Cottrell

Rich Cottrell

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 10:12 AM

Ok, how about some fun. Here are some of the features that the dream rig will have. What else should we add??????

Heated gimbal:
With batteries on the rig, why can I not warm up the gimbal for those cold winter days? I have seen socks heated by ?D? batteries. We got at least 12volts right there.
No more frozen hands?

Electronic Tilting head:
The Ultra has an electronic top stage and a manually tilting top as well, but what I want would be an electronic tilting stage. Then I could change the tilt while I am operating.
It would be nice to have the Tiffen electronic top stage too... but an electronic tilt... while I am shooting... o?baby!...

Electronic changing inertial control:
As Jerry has taught us, dynamic Balance is a simple math equation.
So why not have the ability to increase the distance of the monitor and batteries from the sleds post electronically? Now you could have a very inert rig, but right before that whip pan you could electronically skinny the rig up for a fast, easy pan, and then you could stretch the rig back out while you keep shooting.
There would have to be a computer on the rig, but nowadays they put computers in toaster ovens?
I think we could use the same computer to drive the electronic telescopic center post too...
(Did i forget to mention that new feature for 2005?)

Solar power:
Have you seen the car battery trickle chargers that plug into your cigarette lighter? They claim to keep you car?s battery topped off. So why not some little solar panels on the flat surfaces of the rig? Could we now change the batteries less often on those daytime exteriors? And could we get more out of the batteries in the winter?

Water Proof electronics:
Nuf said? I dream on and on?

Auto pilot:
No Auto here -- I still want to keep a job!

So what other colorful ideas are out there? Anything and everything goes...
And what will we call this 100lb super rig?
I like "The Widowmaker"

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#2 Anthony Hardwick

Anthony Hardwick

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 12:03 PM

How about an electrical "shocking" mechanism that will automatically shock anyone (other than you the operator) who touches any part of the rig. This would take care of those occasional overzealous directors who try to "show" you the opening frame they want by tugging on your rig. ;)

Also, how about an anti-gravity module that you can activate for those times when you are waiting to roll between takes, and your docking stand is too far away and the production is taking it's time getting their act together after they've called "Here we go..."

If we're dreaming here, then why talk about solar cells to recharge batteries? How about a miniature clean power generating device? Something like a hydrogen fusion reactor?

How about an arm that automatically adjusts it's springs for different weights at the touch of a button (like re-calibrating a Preston FIZ)? Lest anyone think I'm serious here... I am joking :)
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#3 RobVanGelder


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Posted 10 April 2004 - 08:36 PM

Ahhh, now I understand why you need to know the bare minimum weight of rigs....

To see how many extra´s you can mount up till 100lbs! :D :rolleyes: :blink: :D

Rob van Gelder, Bangkok, Thailand
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#4 RobVanGelder


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Posted 10 April 2004 - 08:47 PM

But to be more accurate:

The fusion reactor is nearby, as a fuel cell on Hydrogen. You can already buy them with AB-mount and are hot-swappable, so no need to cut power.

During my last workshop we discussed with Jerry Holway the possibility of an electronically controlled tilt head and I could judge from his reaction that they are working on that, but he didn´t want to go into details.

Here in Thailand I have my own anti-gravity modules always nearby: the grips and assistants are always eager to lift the rig for me! :)

Rob van Gelder, Bangkok, Thailand
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