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While im waiting......

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#1 flemming laybourn

flemming laybourn

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Posted 04 April 2004 - 03:09 AM

Hello out there..!

Since nothing much seems to be happening on the forum right know, mayby some
of you have the time to give me a little feedback...
I have been using a Master rig for 7 years, but just sold it. Got the MK-V AND just
wired the downpayment for my new Pro-arm... I know that I can probably find
alot about it in the archive... But please give me some "fantasy material"... what
Can I expect..? other previous master owner who now use pro...?

All the best

Flemming Laybourn
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#2 WillArnot


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Posted 04 April 2004 - 02:16 PM

Oh man. You won't be dissapointed. I too was a Master owner for 8 yrs. I went to Greg Bubb's Ultimate sled (amazing) & the Pro arm. I was blown away by its performance. Greater boom range by far. Being 6'6" I found this particularly helpful. NEVER have to worry about another lock up again (nudging the arm w/ your elbow in order to finish the shot).

First & foremost however is the modularity and protection from the elements. The spring canisters are GENIUS. All 4 pop out in under 30 seconds, and are totally sealed from the elements. You can then literally hose off the arm chasis under running water!

I did the Ron Howard movie in New Mexico last year... it was a western with horses & tons of dust. TONS. My Master Arm would never have held up to that amount of grime. It would have needed a complete overhaul, new bearings etc. The PRO arm was SO easy to maintain in the adverse conditions. Even in the wet too, it's almost fine to let it get drenched b/c it's SO easy to take apart and dry every component. Then just wipe it all down w/ some T-9 to preserve and protect the metal. This will also help it shed the water.

Performance-wise it's a no-brainer, as any PRO arm owner will tell you. Iso-elastic... forget about it. The effort range on this arm is phenomenal. I find it much easier to hold the Pro arm fully boomed up or down. And the no-tools thing... forget about it. I had to tweak that Master arm w/ every lens change in order to maximize performance and minimize the chances of another lock up. Now I understand why Larry works with 3-4 (?) different length arm posts... to make sure he keeps that arm in the middle of it's boom range. The Pro arm is so efficient and also forgiving, that you pretty much don't have to adjust tension unless you have a major weight change.

I really notice the superior performance in the subtle moves. The creepers, or height changes going over rough terrain. Before, I would need to really map out my path and anticipate the rises and falls to make sure my human arm put the mechanical arm in the right place at the right time. But the response of the Pro is SO much slicker that I find it is FAR LESS affected by what my body does, therefore it tends to stay at the right height as my body rises and falls w/out me having to make such a conscious adjustment. Therefore this arm really promotes that feeling of the rig being an intuitive and "natural extension" of the body.

There are two things, well one, that I was really dissapointed with however. The arm didn't come with an arm post! I couldn't believe it. And to add insult to the $20,000 investment I had just made, was a bill for 60 bucks for a 6" and 12" arm post. I said to them at least you could have asked me if I needed one. So be specific.

The other thing that happened is apparently a symptom of cold weather. Inside the spring canisters there is a white plastic collar/sheath/ring that has a slot cut out which provides you with a viewing window of the spring tension setting. It was explained to me that in the cold, as the spring moves back and forth, that plastic collar works its way around thus blocking your view of the spring setting. BAD.

It is a simple fix as they simply glue the collar in place. Why they don't do this in the first place is beyond me, but there you go. So you may want to save yourself some hassle down the road and make sure they do that to all the springs before shipping to you.

But the novelty to me of being able to sub out the spring cannisters while the others were sent out to be glued, was so great that is was a painless burr in my saddle.

There is a reason this arm is the most expensive. It is hands down the best.

Congratulations on a wise investment.

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#3 Jeff Muhlstock SOC

Jeff Muhlstock SOC

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Posted 04 April 2004 - 03:53 PM

I totally agree with Will, You have made the perfect choice. I love this Arm. Interesting, I have the same problem with this white plastic piece. Simple oversight, purely a cosmetic problem, but should be fixed, a recall perhaps. I need to send mine in.

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