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Anton bauer pro pac 14 over heating on charger

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#1 Justin Painter

Justin Painter

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 09:37 PM

I have 2 anton bauer pro pac 14's and have them on my interactive charger, the lights turned red and lcd says Temp hold. Wondering if anyone knows whats going on, are the batteries bad?


justin painter
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#2 Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 10:33 PM

Bad temp sender in the battery
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#3 pauldudeck


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Posted 05 July 2006 - 12:32 PM

Hi Justin,

The battery and charger both have a temperature sensor to ensure that a battery that is too hot does not get charged, nor a battery that is too cold.

I would advise you to check the mushroom shaped pin on the charger. Make sure that it is not broken and maybe run a pencil eraser across the top of it to make sure that it is not dirty. Same goes for the battery. Check the corresponding pin on the battery, the one that is depressed lower than the others and make sure that it is clean. You may see a single "dot" on the pin. If you do, clean it. That may be causing the "HOLD" situation.

If this does not help, then please call our Customer Support Department at (800)541-1667.

Paul Dudeck
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#4 Ron L Rathbone

Ron L Rathbone

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Posted 13 August 2006 - 07:47 PM

I have 2 anton bauer pro pac 14's and have them on my interactive charger, the lights turned red and lcd says Temp hold. Wondering if anyone knows whats going on, are the batteries bad?


justin painter

Hello Justin, yes, please check the mushroom pin and other pins on the charger for corrosion. If this does not fix the problem, then yes their is a communication issue between what the charger wants to read and what the thermal sensors of the battery, one in particular, is providing.

If the battery is out of warranty it can be recelled. BUT. Sometimes we have extra of the correct thermal to replace the one, not necessarily defective, but not reading what Your charger wants to read. Usually we do not have extra.

Something everyone should keep in mind:
If the battery wants to stay on HOLD and is out of warranty it is useless to you with the OEM manafacturers charger.

However, PAG analzers do not care about the thermal sensors. There position, as ours, is that the thermal sensors are there to protect the battery. Not to create an unnecessary communication between the battery and the OEM charger. The thermal, depending if it is a cold thermal to keep the battery from accepting a charge if the battery is to cold for a safe charge, or the hot thermals, there to monitor the battery for heat from too much current, thermal runaway or other is just that, battery circuit protection. AND, it should NOT be used without back up from a glass fuse!

Anyway, the PAG analyzer does its excellent routine using the positive and negative contacts of the battery. IF the battery itself gets to hot or is too cold the required thermal sensor will prevent current flow. It is that simple.

The PAG analyzers come with compatible mounting for other brand broadcast news batteries.

Yes, we sell proudly sell PAG analyzers at discount prices.

IF your larger brick has NO glass fuse on the mount area of the brick, (Shame on them), it will not communicate with a PAG analyzer until it comes here for recell. Then we correct that issue.

If your brick does have the glass fuse, (that we would not build a new brick without), then it will take charge from a PAG analyzer on the fly just fine. We feel they do a better job on your bricks.

Lastly, If your battery does go into a HOLD position take it off of the OEM smart charger immediately! I can not say that loud enough.

Recently we saw a 120WH Nickel metal hydride battery that had come in with a thermal issue do something bad before recell. We had opened this battery and were doing an inspection for a client and had confirmed that all the thermals were operating properly. While the enclosure was removed and the battery was on an OEM smart charger the unit never went to HOLD as it had for the client. We were monotoring the battery, became busy, and about 11PM smelled melting plastic. Even though the battery did not go to HOLD the battery and OEM smart charger were not communicating properly and the smart charger was still charging at peak output. The charger output had melted all the glue from between the paper tubes, electrolyte was expelling / venting from the cells, and I took a large towel, rolled it up, and took the battery outside for the night.

It is my opinion, and opinion only, that the circuit board of the Digital battery with and LCD was the culprit in not communicatiing properly with the charger.

When we have a battery come in for recell and we confirm the unit has a thermal issue between it's thermals and the OEM smart charger, and we have no replacement thermal, then we advise the client of his option to purchase a PAG analyzer and continue the recell. The PAG analyzer will charge this battery as well as his fleet of other batteries.

Also, on this battery we remove the wiring that allows that battery to communicate with the OEM smart charger, and continue to recell that battery. The client purchase a PAG analyzer which will analyze and charge many types of batteries.

Wheher the client goes forward or not with the recell we remove the communication wiring from the battery before return to the client.

For your reading pleasure may I suggest these four links to bookmark for later reading:
Safety Precautions:

Hytron safety precautions:

The Negatives of Lithium Ion:

Very informative FAQ's:

Ron L. Rathbone
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