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How many chargers do you have? Lifesaver mode?

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#1 Dan Coplan

Dan Coplan

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Posted 25 May 2006 - 07:57 PM

I have two chargers, a Quad charger and an older 2-port charger for backup. I know it's good in this business to have backups of everything, but unless my Quad goes down, I don't see my 2-port charger doing anything but collecting dust. I don't bring the 2-port with me on jobs and if my Quad went down it would probably be just as quick to get a new one as to retrieve my backup from home.

Just wondering if there's a strong argument for hanging on to it or if I should sell it.

Also, Anton Bauer recommends leaving batteries on charge in lifesaver mode when not using them. Anybody out there follow this recommendation? Any idea how battery life is affected whether or not this practice is incorporated?


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#2 Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

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Posted 25 May 2006 - 08:04 PM

I carry three chargers, a AB 2722, Pag AR124 and a Frezzi M2100 and am getting another 2722 to replace my Frezzi charger.

When I do the swap out I will be able to have 5 batteries charging at the same time.
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#3 Jason Torbitt

Jason Torbitt

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Posted 25 May 2006 - 10:57 PM

I'm on A/B batteries, a mix of ProPacs and Hytrons, and a Trimpac for accessories.

I have a Quad and a Dual 2702 charger. Yes, follow their reccommendation - leave the batteries on the charger when not in use, unless you have no work for a month or two, in which case fully discharge them and store them in your flightcase. Don't store them in cases charged up and allow them to discharge themselves over time.

I'd advise you to sell your dual charger and buy an interactive charger, with discharge module. Then you can analyse your batteries and maintain them fully, and check on voltage/charge status/battery condition etc etc. Martyn Sly-Jex at Anton Bauer gave me a lot of good advice, info and pointers about their batteries -
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#4 Richard W. Davis

Richard W. Davis

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Posted 26 May 2006 - 07:55 AM

I do have enough chargers to keep all my batteries in Lifesaver mode when I'm not using them, and I do. Trimpacs especially seem like they don't like being left out when not in use.

I always hated plugging in chargers and setting up when i got home after a shoot. So, I keep chargers at home that always stay set up so I only have to pop the batts on that need charging before next day. Also my assistants are requested to keep my batts charged as we go along so that at the end of the day there are only a small quantity of batts that need charging. (common sense)

Chargers I own:

2) Quad 2702 w/ discharger can do all antons include Dioncs(which I just started trying out)

2) Quad Fast Chargers slightly older style but still supported by Anton Bauer and do Hytrons w/ latest software

1) Q2 dual chargers

batts I use:

10) Hytron 50's two probably ready to retire soon

6) Digital Trimpacs ( generally recelled ) for use only in specific job needs

1) Dionic 90 being used for Monitor, probably going to buy more as Hytrons retire
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#5 Rich Cottrell

Rich Cottrell

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Posted 26 May 2006 - 07:32 PM

I was just thinking about this topic for the last three days...

Up to this point, I never liked to leave my batteries on the charger for too many days.

Sure I have insurance for my residence, but something about leaving my chargers plugged in all the time freaks me out. I have this picture of a big fire in the back of my head.
[But AB always recommends keeping their batteries on their chargers as much as possible.]

My first charger was a Q2 which I used for about 4 years, then I also got a Titan Twin a few years ago..
When I only had the Q2, I only had (3) Digital ProPacs, and a two position charger, but for my broadcast TV work this was always enough because I did not need to power the camera.
I bought the Titan Twin when I started playing with the Dionics and needed a newer charger.

I recently dumped the Propacs and I now I fly with (4) Dionics and (3) Trimpacs. I finally I got a "real" charger ? a Dual 2722?so I now have three chargers and 6 positions for 7 batteries.

Anyway, back to the topic?
I guess it is because the Dual 2722 cost more then my first chargers, but recently I have wanted to keep at least two of the Dionics on the 2722 at all the times. Now that I am doing that, I am thinking about keeping all the chargers working as much as possible.

But I never liked the noise that my Q2 makes so I often think I shout retire that charger? and I am still a little freaked out leaving 6 batteries on charges at all times?

So a few questions:
1) I know TV stations leave AB batteries on the chargers all the time, but while I could live with my steadicam getting destroyed in a fire, loosing my home and personal belongings would be a tough blow. Has anyone ever had a problem with leaving their Anton Bauer chargers plugging in all the time?

2) Does your Q2 make a lot of noise? Mine is a noisy beast!

Also I have one thing to clarify:
Jason says we should discharge our batteries for storage. Do NOT do this if you have Dionics. AB says you should only discharge them 50% for storage.

And finally, thank you Richard Davis for that tip on the Trimpacs. ["Trimpacs especially seem like they don't like being left out when not in use."] I am new to using trimpacs so that was a great tip for me.

My best from south Philly,
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#6 Richard W. Davis

Richard W. Davis

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Posted 26 May 2006 - 11:05 PM


Glad to share the trimpak tip. Also, I always have some batteries on charge at my house(Lifesaver trickle mode as AB wants it)....No problems in years. Knocking on wood now. LOL


Richard Davis
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#7 Marc_Abernathy


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Posted 27 May 2006 - 08:22 PM

im a small business man so i only have one interactive charger with discharge module. it also has the sidecar that allows you to charge 2 other batteries. i have 5 big brick ABs and a few trimpacs for 24V mode.
i always leave my batteries on the charger and have yet to see any adverse effects by doing so. i switched over to Ab batts last year and so far so good with leaving them on the charger...
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