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Over Drawing an Anton Bauer

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#1 Chris Konash

Chris Konash

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Posted 01 May 2006 - 08:11 PM

Has anyone ever OVER drawn an anton bauer dionic 90 battery either intentionally or unintentionally?
If so, what happened and at what wattage did it fail?

I have (8) Dionic 90's with the Hot-Swap mount that says it can supply 180watts continuously. I have a power converter that bumps my voltage to 26Volts when I need to for film cameras.

It will do
260Watts@26V = 10 Amps

Well to get the full 260 Watts out of the converter I would need to draw 280 Watts from the Hot Swap
(The Hot-Swap is also only rated for 180Watts)

Splitting the load between two Dionic 90's would over draw each battery by 50Watts, In my book that is a lot!!

I did a film shoot with an arri sr3 and had no problem. I can't find anywhere the wattage requirements for an SR3.....

I don't see myself ever trying to power a real power hungry camera with this converter but I'm trying to get an idea of what I can do, but still be reliable. (Rig= Steadicam Clipper 2)

P.s. I'm torn between working with this converter or doing the mod to bring my entire rig upto 24V.
Tiffen is going to get back to me with a price on that.....

Chris Konash
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#2 RobVanGelder


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Posted 02 May 2006 - 01:01 AM

The SR3 is not really a power hungry camera, i think you will be more than save there.

It's the 435ES and in lesser extend the 435ADVanced/Extreme that you have to be careful with.

At normal startup with a SR3, it probably runs a few amps, only shooting at 150 fps might raise that, but I doubt it will reach more than 8 amps.

The 435's can draw 15 amps, for a short moment, or sometimes even more (stiff magazines, cold weather) when shooting 150 fps.

anyway, with your setup I doubt if it is possible to run 435's up to 150 frames as normally they need a steady 28 volts or more (max 35volt) to reach this speed.
Your converter will supply enough for normal speed, but it is the startup behaviour of the camera and the response to that from the power converter that makes for most problems.

A 435 will cut off when the voltage dips a few milliseconds below 20 volts and it's just this start-dip that occurs with most converters and also old or underpowered batteries which give most of the problems.

Example; I had bought "new" batteries once, that performed well the first months but after that I had problems even starting a normal 435ES on 24 frames. It turned out that these batteries, while bought new, were already about 1,5 year lying in the store, so when I bought them they were not so new anymore. Over time, batteries degenerate, whether you use them or not, the internal resistance will raise.
When you charge them they give you enough voltage, but under a heavy load, like the 435, the raised internal resistance will make the voltage drop down rapidly, and the camera switches off. So while all battery meters/testers gave me an OK, I could not use these batteries anymore in real life!

I too use Dionics, but in 28.8 volts config. I have not had the possibility to test them on highspeed, but until now, on max 50 fps, they performed OK.
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