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Setting up the Omega AR: by Erik Barone

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Posted 14 July 2016 - 08:11 PM

On Facebook, I asked for help setting up the Omega AR for the first time since it doesn't come with a setup manual or any instructions really. Erik was kind enough to write up this brief tutorial, so I'm posting here so it's archived and NOT lost in the sands of time (Facebook). 




Ok and I assume you have the 4 stage post? 
The first step is getting the camera's weight as centered as you can in the rings. Which might mean using a riser plate of some sort. I've used the Ikan ELE-LBP. Its not the lightest option but it does the job very well.
To zero it out take off the drive belt once the camera is mounted in the rings. This will let the rings spin freely. 
Now find the best riser plate height where if you roll the camera left or right 45 or 90 degrees the camera stays put. At a 45 if it drops back to level raise the plate. At a 90 if it rolls over its self and settles upside down lower the plate. It like zeroing a camera out on a jib if you've done that before.
The drive motors are strong enough if you can't fully zero out the camera but the closer you can zero out the weight the better the system will work. Once the camera is good in the rings mount it to the stage.
Oh and put the drive belt back on.
Now its time to set up the rest of the rig.
I would first say run the top stage of the post all the way up. This will give the rings clearance from the arm and your body when operating. 
From there its finding the best adjustment of the bottom two post stages that gives you the clearance you need from the arm. You're probably gonna end up with total rig length in the 6 1/2 to 7 foot range.
You also want to move your monitor mount post clamp to right under(or as close as you can get it) your gimbal handle. Doing this keeps the monitor centered to your body when operating and not a foot or so out of your center line where you're straining to see the screen. Plus it keeps the weight of the monitor from having a negative effect on the rig when doing big low to high move shots. 
The thing the is a PIA with your monitor mount right there is you have to move it when adjusting your gimbal for drop time. Which brings us to drop time.
Unlike normal set ups you want to have the rig in almost zero balance. Meaning if you put the post horizontal drifts ever so slowly to vertical there. 
Crap I'm getting ahead of myself.
Before you go to do horizontal you should power up the Head. 
Switch rig to 24v volt. Power/Boot Button and the LEDs on side of head should light up Red. Press and hold for a few seconds Side LEDs will go Green and PWR/Boot button will highlight blue. 
Hopefully your camera is close to level. If do tap PWR/Boot button to set the "Level" point. The AR/Omega should be active at this point. You can test this by slightly rocking the rig side to side while in the dock. You should see the rings roll to level accordingly.
If its work now put the rig in the balancing pin to set drop or in this case "near" drop time.
Man I hope I'm not confusing you. 
Once you have that near drop time to your liking have at it. If you find the camera is out of level simply tap PWR/Boot button to deactivate system put the get the camera to level by rotating the post up or down. Once you get it level tap PWR/Boot again and presto you re-set your system's leveling point.
I hope this very abridged Cliff notes version of Omega/AR helps. It really is a fun rig to operate.
If you need more assistance with set up you could also reach out to Dean Lester Hall who could point you in the right direction.
Good luck.

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