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Do you want a website? Need webspace? MobileMe kill your site? Talk to me...

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#1 William Demeritt

William Demeritt

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 04:27 PM


Do you want free webspace? Email or message or call me. 



Earlier today, I was looking for examples of Steadicam operator resumes, since I'm trying to update mine and wanted to ruthlessly steal how all of yours look. Well, attempted to view at least 3 operators' websites that I know previously HAD websites... but don't anymore. 


Just so you all know, iCloud does NOT offer webspace anymore, and MobileMe/DotMac are both shut down. If you used iWeb to design a website and were hosting it through Apple, you should go check it out... because it's probably not there anymore. 


"Well, crap, now what do I do?"

You can go set up a website and webhosting somewhere else, or how about I give you some bandwidth on my hosting account, and you just host your site thru me? 


I have an account with a webhosting company called "DreamHost", whom I've held an account with probably since 2005? Anyway, long story short, I have unlimited webspace and unlimited bandwidth. I don't really make use of all that space, and I figure the storage/bandwidth needs of this community are hardly large enough to warrant everyone spending $100+ per year for hosting. 


"Can I use iWeb?"

I should be able to set up your site to accept any web site editor you like, including iWeb. Wherever you have your domain hosted (GoDaddy, etc), I'll give you the information to point it to my account on DreamHost. I'll set it up so you're hosted, you have a username and password, and you can access it anytime you want. 


Do you have another WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get?") program like Rapidweaver, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc? Should be able to work all the same, since they mostly use FTP to access and manage/publish the content. 


"I don't know stupid computers, I know Steadicam damnit! I miss Geocities, can't I just use a web-based content editor?"

Yes, you can. If that's what you prefer, I can set you up with a small variety of HTML based web design programs like concrete5, GetSimple CMS, etc. I'm going to investigate WordPress, but I know they have had issues recently, and I don't want to deal with potential problems. 


"How do you have such a sweet deal? Why are you doing this?"

I pay about $120 per year for my webhosting, and for that price I get insane storage and bandwidth. I'm doing this because Steadicam people are cool, and since I've made such extensive use of the SteadicamForum over the years, it seems right to try and return the help of the community. I can't tutor people, I can't fix cars, but I am fairly good with computers. 


"Are you going to put ads or pop-ups on my website?"

No. I won't make any money or revenue from your site being hosted on my account. No Google AdSense or AdWords, no ENLARGE YOUR ARM pop-ups, nothing. 


"Holy crap, internet Steadicam guy, this is very generous! I'd like to make a donation to help you!"

OK, if you feel strongly about it, I'll probably accept donations at some point. Anything above the cost of the account, and I'll probably donate to the SOC's charity. 


"Will you design a website for me?"

That was a past life, but if you want, we can probably talk about that stuff. More than likely, I'll want to show you how easy it is to set up your own website and manage it without paying exorbitant fees. For us, our website is really just a fancy business card: advertises you, shows what you've done, hosts a demo reel, lists your gear, and shows how to get in touch with you. If you want a major website, I have friends who still do web design and can hook you up with them.


"What happens if my site goes down?"

Well, if you didn't notice that your website was currently down now, you probably won't notice next time either... but if your site goes down, it's probably because my site went down, and that's probably because DreamHost suffered a major problem (I haven't see it happen yet), or Judgment Day happened. Either way, I'll probably be aware of it before you, and I'll do my best to get it handled. 


"Where do I sign up?"

I'll handle the requests in the order I receive them. Feel free to PM me here, or email me privately: will å† wbd3 ∂o† com. 


"Will you help me host BitTorrent files?"

No. N. O. 


Please note: I will subject you to the same terms and conditions as what I agree to with DreamHost, which means no sharing MP3's or complete movies or any of that garbage. If I noticed abnormal spikes in data usage, I will suspend your site until we determine what's going on. To protect the integrity of the site, I'll probably enforce file size limits (no 1GB files, etc).

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#2 Mike Germond SOC

Mike Germond SOC

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 07:01 PM

I use Dreamhost as well and I can attest to their quality service. Definitely a company that will be sticking around for a while!
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#3 Alan Rencher

Alan Rencher

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 07:27 PM

A buddy of mine is a long-time employee of Dreamhost, and I get my sites through him in a similar manner to what William is offering. Dreamhost has been the best hosting provider I've come across, and Will is pretty cool too, I guess.

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#4 Osvaldo Silvera SOC

Osvaldo Silvera SOC

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:44 PM

You all do know that when someone clicks on your link, the Will hosted site will fire off a message saying "This Operator is now Retired, For all work, please see Will, Forwarding to Wills site now"

 It's all a ploy!

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#5 William Demeritt

William Demeritt

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 12:04 PM

.... No, I would never do that...  :ph34r:


No, in all seriousness, won't do that. If you need/want the webspace, just ask. 

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