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Kenyon KS-4 Gyro Kit -One More Time

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#1 Mark OKane

Mark OKane


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Posted 12 May 2013 - 02:54 PM

This was sold. When I was finishing up the payment and shipping with the operator he told me what use they were intended for and asked for my opinion. He got it. Soooo now they are back on the market.


TWO KS-4 Gyros, one with the GPI Cable and flange conversion, one is stock. Both have been given the total rebuild by Kenyon. Everything was replaced except for the wheels - new casings , new motor, ect. The only run time has been for testing and the only shipping they have seen is to get them here. They are obviously in great shape. Each gyro comes with a standard 12 volt inverter, but I have also included (2) 28 volt inverters and a 12 and 28 volt heavier duty inverter for spares. I have included factory pricing for reference since GPI still sells the parts, but they are presently not listed in their online catalog. 


Moving the price to $ 3,700.00 

to get this sold


ITEMS                                                             FACTORY PRICE

Kenyon KS-4 Gyro w/ PRO Conversion        

               GYRO                                              $ 1,700.00

               GPI Lemo Block                              $    175.00

               GPI Mounting Flange                       $   332.65

               12 volt inverter                                 $   325.00


                       GPI Lemo to invertor 8 ft          $   125.00

                       (2) GPI Lemo to Lemo   2ft       $   250.00


Kenyon KS-4 Gyro Stock w/1/4- 20 mount    $ 1,700.00

              12 v inverter                                     $    325.00

              Gyro to inverter cable


Kenyon Inverter Spares

              (2) 28 volt, (1) Kenyon 12 v -KI-12-6, ( 1) 28V , KI-28-6


GPI Brackets not included above

              GPI Post Adaptor   1.5"                    $ 400.00

              (2) GPI Mounting Spuds                    $ 168.00

              GPI Spud Clamp                               $ 232.65


Custom Adaptors

              3A Plate / Custom Delrin  Spacer

              for GPI Spud w/ tilt bracket

              (needs plate lockdown fastener )            $ 200.00 +


              Custom 1.5" Adaptor for 1/4-20             $ 200.00 +

              mounting screw (  can be modified

              for GPI Spud with thread adaptors



contact me off Forum in the message app or markokane@earthlink.net

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#2 Mark OKane

Mark OKane


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Posted 18 May 2013 - 08:58 AM

PRICE $ 3,500.00  OBO   

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#3 Mark OKane

Mark OKane


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Posted 26 May 2013 - 11:29 AM

I have received 29 e-mails mostly asking " Gyros - why and when " .  Gyros were such a valuable part of my Steadicam kit that I would love to answer them all. To avoid repetition and guide those with interest to the right places besides the Marketplace, I would suggest you start with your own research. A good start would be at the beginning with this link sent to me by Erwin Landau http://www.steadicam.../v4n4july95.pdf  . I think you will find the issue very interesting -What a snapshot of the times. Larry does a good job of articulating Gyro theory and use. It is also theTed Churchill Memorial Issue - .

Put  "gyros" in the search box in The Forum. A lot of info will come up. Anything by Larry McConkey will be worth a read. He spent a great deal of time with them and was generous enough to publish his results. There are also many other worthwhile contributions.

I used the KS-4s on lightweight / running rigs to add mass and lessen the wind effect and several handheld configurations where weight was an issue .

With all the lightweight cameras and rigs out now the KS-4s would seem to be pretty useful. Good Luck and before I forget that - yes - this is the Marketplace


Price $ 3,500.00 ---------------------------- OBO

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#4 Mark OKane

Mark OKane


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Posted 01 June 2013 - 12:21 PM


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