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Video Assist Transmitter short summary: Spring 2012

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#1 Wolf Seeberg

Wolf Seeberg

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 04:59 AM

Sorted by range

Hybrid – Standard def. composite only.
Color is stable and decent enough for experienced DIT to do painting with on the set. Available worldwide. Has only composite IN/OUT but is digital over the air so it’s a rock solid picture always. Small handheld Rx with 7” screen is nice for directors on board batt good for 3hours. Always has good continuous sync output, even when Tx is out of range – will not crash computer recorded files. Rock-solid, field hardened and tested mature system. 9-30V. Will penetrate 5 sheetrock houses, 4 downtown blocks line of sight. 2 versions: No audio and with audio. 30-mile version available, 8 can be used simulteaneously in same space.
Lock up: from cold: 10 sec, out of range 2 sec.
Delay: 2 frames, 50 msec just manageable for remote heads with a CRT monitor
Range: 2 miles outside LOS (yes!!)
Price TX-RX: $ 6.8 K with antennas, rental available worldwide $ 500/day.
Slick 7” Handheld available Price: $ 5K, rental $ 300/day
Call Wolf USA 310 822-4973 for leads

Micro Lite HD by RF central
5.8G Picture quality: pretty darn good, good enough for a DIT to make color decisions. HD/SD or composite input, HDSDI output in same format as input!! and composite out (Mfct says). Now available in the March 2012. Tx size: less than a cigarette pack plus 6” stiff antenna (fragile) small fan that can be disabled for they say 8 min. Awkward channel change for 2 camera use on one receiver. 16 presets have to be cycled thru by repeatedly pressing the set button to get from channel 2 to1. Seems to be better thru walls than Boxx. Good to go thru 3+ sheet rock houses. Receive stick antennas have a front and a rear and need to be oriented for best range like the panels. Expensive custom antennas. If Tx is on a 5D it takes a 12 sec preroll for pix to be stable at RX. No genlock avail. Sync continues when pix lost. 9-28V. FCC ID: 14U-58MLT
Lock up: from cold: 30 sec, out of range 4 sec.
Delay: 3-frame delay at 24. 120 ms, too much delay for most hot head operators
Range: 500 yards LOS.
Price TX-RX: $ 21.5 K with antennas. Rental $ 750/day.

Also have “sports” models available now $40K Mpeg2, better picture. Call Nebeker for demo and rental USA 801 467-1920. http://www.nebtek.com

Austrian (NEW!!) Composite only
SD in SD out, digital over the air, very solid, looks good, decent color.
V-Mount front/back for Tx, same size as small IDX90 batt.
Is very solid. Possible to use 2 in same space.
Delay 6 frames! Cheap antennas.
Range 400 yards LOS.
Price $ 1000.00 Call wolf for leads to dealers 310 822-4973.
Rental $ 100.00

HDSDI Tx to HDSDI Rx High Def:
These digital Tx-Rx stop putting out sync when pictures collapses – recorders will stop or crash. All use 5.2G range. All are 1 msec delay except Microlite.

BOXX - Meridian
Picture quality is excellent like IDX, good enough for DIT to paint camera on the set. Large Tx with 4 antennae. Only a few are in LA made in Britain, often hard to get. Passes imbedded TC (not visible). Has composite out that works often as a downconverter if HD in at Tx. Optional larger broadcast Rx with gen lock. No interference from wireless phones. Large receive antenna panel. 2 can be used simulteaneously in same space (Mfct. says it’s possible to do 5). Manual Channel select for multiple Tx use and avoidance of new “N” 5Ghz modems. Signal strength indicator for optimizing antenna direction on RX. Has audio. Mature system. Has FCC ID.
Lock up: from cold: 15 sec, out of range 10 sec
Delay: <1 msec
Range: 400 yards outside with 2ft x 2ft antenna panel,
70 yards with 4 rubber ducks on Handheld.
Price TX-RX: $ 16.5K with large Rx antenna system, Rental $ 500/day. Kludgy Handheld available for 10.5K$ Mark Walker LA
USA 310-287 1285 www.boxxcommunications.tv http://www.boxx.tv/p...dian/index.html

HDSDI system like Boxx Meridian, maybe a pix of very slightly less quality. 2 Cigarette pack sized Tx with 2 antennae and small fan must be held vertically for best range. Rx Has 2x HDSDI out which is always 1080/59i. No Channel selector. No audio. Large awkward receive antenna panel for best range. Inside a house thru 2 sheetrock walls: 20 feet. New in 2012, warrantee?
Lock up: from cold: 7 sec, out of range 6 sec
Delay: 1 msec
Range: 100 yards with 2ftx3ft antenna panel LOS
Price 9K. Rental 500/day. Only 5 available in March 2012.

Call Hamlet USA 323-868-8080. http://hpvideo.tv/

Switronics - Recon
New in March 2012. Generally slightly better range than CamWave from IDX. Same bulky package as CamWave except Rx has 4 external duck antennas. HDMI not implemented yet even though the connectors are there on dual unit. No Channel selector, only auto-select at 5.2G. Walk in front of it you lose pix. In a house range is thru one sheetrock wall 20 feet. May be OK on stage if it’s chicken-wire lined. V-mount front and back, 4XLR power, LED: power and link.
Lock up: from cold: 12 sec, out of range 4 sec.
Range: 45 YARDS LOS.
Delay: 1 MSEC.
Price: 3,000
optimistic ad: http://pro-x.biz/new...01/XW-HDU01.htm

IDX Camwave
Picture quality is excellent, easy for DIT to paint camera on the set.
No TC passed. Only HD out. Receives interference that show up as lines in the pix from wireless phones at 2.4 and 5.8 “N” modems. Walk in front of it you lose pix. Can transmit to several Rx. Needs latest software to be installed by dealer. 2 in one space possible.
Delay: 1 msec
Range: 20 yards max. LOS. Recovery from out of range takes 10+ sec.
Price: $ 6K, rental at most camera houses $ 300/day
No slick Handheld available yet.
rental: Radiant images 323-737-1314, Birns+Sawyer + most camera houses.

Transvideo SOON to be available:
Not available in the USA as of Feb 2012, has been selling in Europe.
Slightly larger than the IDX Picture quality is same as IDX and Boxx. Has FCC No.
Delay: 1 msec
Range: 22 yards outside for handheld
Price TX-RX: $ 10.5K
Slick Handheld with 8” Screen $ 15.5K receiver only (ouch)
http://www.transvide.../en/Wireless_HD T: +1 (818) 985 4903

SD in - SD out composite only

UHF (occasional flicker, tearing and intermittents, mediocre quality) . No delay. SD only, easy cheap handhelds avail. Rented by all USA + world camera houses $ 150-200/day – should be used in Europe only
Modilas is still repairing but not manufacturing.
Dynawave VTX-100 and VTX-250 NTSC transmitters – less range than modilas? is available in Canada only John Larsen www.dynawave.ca 604 878 8588 Ext 1
Canatrans is available in Canada only. Range 100 yards, maybe slightly more than modilas. Emory Soos 416 406-2442
Transvideo – Titan composite analog 2.4G limited range, NG in the cities like all 2.4 kit, http://www.transvide.../en/Wireless_SD
Hamlet (Composite) Various UHF and microwave systems with varying results. http://hpvideo.tv/
Domo (British) about $ 22K for a SD Tx-Rx. Delay: 5 frames. Solid pix, its digital over the air. Only in Europe and Canada.
CATV analog over the air Europe and Canada low price solution:
Transmitters (cost under $ 200) for SD with NO delay can be received by any cheap TV tuner. These frequencies are used in Europe and Canada, and this is by far the cheapest, reliable and best looking with low flicker, low price solution. Range 300 yards, yes - they occasionally flicker, color is so-so NTSC…. Available from various Chinese dealers.

Teradeck Video cube
Have several models. HDSDI in but lower quality SD out on tablets and phones maybe Android? (There are many other tablet computers than the IPhones/pads that work as receivers but look much better in sunlight) I don’t know how to record it and playback??
Price: $ 2000.00 approx
Range: said to be 50 feet to tablets, must use WiFi 5.2 G not 2.4G.
Delay: 3-10 frames depending on quality, to one tablet - much more if you have to distribute it thru a router to many WiFi based computers. First time novice set up takes at least 4 hours with tech help on phone. Router takes more time and experience and continuous maintenance.
Color drifts and changes, not good enough for DIT. Picture quality and color nowhere near as good as Camwave, Boxx. ( only used by folks who don’t know from UHF and TVs)

LOS= Line of sight, no obstructions whatsoever outside with minimal metal around (cars – yes, electrical wires - yes, High tension wires – no). Note as soon a LOS is disrupted with a human body or a thin wooden wall the range of all the high frequency HD systems is severly reduced, unless there is a metal object off to the side that reflects the signal to the Rx. Digital Tx like reflections, unlike the older analog UHF stuff.

Monitor/receiver 7” UHF
for rent $ 95/day

Bracket for PIX 240

The Aluminum bracket is powder-painted black and the handles are made of comfortable squishy bicycle foam. The bracket has a 5/8th receiver socket in rear. You can use your own batteries and connect cables to all PIX 240 original connectors to keep maximum cable lengths. Size – H 5-1/2” x L 11” x D 3-3/4”.
Available from Wolf .
Sales Price US $ 200.00

Notes on the Pix240 can be found at:
We rent Pix 240 with all accessories, batteries for 10 hours $ 350/day

Call me about any of the above kit
Wolf USA 310 822-4973 wolf@wolfvid.com 3/21/12
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#2 Scott Walker

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Posted 11 May 2012 - 03:14 PM

Hi Everyone,
Thought you might find this interesting.....
We are renting the Meridian which is being used with the Sony HDC-P1 and our return video to a lot of live shows in the UK.
Because of the zero delay, and as its much lighter then the Sony 1500 its becoming very popular.
Directors love it as you can pull off shots like this with no lip sync problems.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.c...ed/IBzkD0W44Sk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Voice - BBC. 2min continuous Steadicam shot.
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#3 Scott Walker

Scott Walker

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Posted 11 May 2012 - 03:15 PM

not sure if that link worked.

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