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New PRO post compared to 2" carbon fiber post

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#1 MarkKaravite


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Posted 29 November 2004 - 11:46 PM

Hello all,

I am putting together a new sled, and am looking for some input on post rigidity. PRO has a newer version of their 1 1/2" post. Does anybody listening have the new PRO post? What do you think about it?

I am trying to compare the PRO II post to XCS 2" carbon post. Not being in LA, it is difficult to get a hands on demo of both posts, so I would appreciate input from those who have flown either, or both posts.

Thank you,

Mark Karavite
Steadicam Owner / Operator
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#2 Brad Hruboska

Brad Hruboska

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Posted 30 November 2004 - 10:04 AM

For me it was an issue of already owning a gimbal, and wanting to keep compatability with the PRO gimbal I already owned, so I went with a standard 1.5 inch post. With the new donky box 3 and the XCS heavier mounting plate my shake issues have all but disappeared. I would be more concerned with gimbal feel at this point, but if this is a ne rig for you , you will probably learn into whatever gimbal you buy.. The bearing feel is very different in all of them. The Pro gimbal is very super slick, ( I actually got it off an op who felt it was too slick) the XCS less so, feels a bit dampened, Mk-v haven't seen. Sachtler atemis... felt a bit cheap, not even as nice as my old model 3 gimbal. But my gimnbal is a Pro with an ultimate ergo handle and Mk-V tols free handle ( purchaced just before George released the PRO post MK 2, which I saw in protoyping......it should be more ridgid....and the telescope should be a bit smoother.....
My only beef with the pro is the fit between different posts, i have discovered a few thousanths of difference between the locking thread on the superpost and the standard post, ( build in different years ) which has resulted in some stripped thread issues, so I have been going to lengths to adjust the threaded insert in the lower post section to be a closer fit and have had a deeper locking collar fabricated to esure more thread engagement.....Again the problem of living away frm LA, the art may be affordable, but the shipping and or trip to the shop is a bit expensive....the lesson here is probably to buy your posts a t eh same time so George can check the fit before it leaves his shop.
DU-OH :o
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#3 Christopher T. Paul- SOC

Christopher T. Paul- SOC

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Posted 30 November 2004 - 06:51 PM

I have XCS's Ultimate with the 2" post, and had tried the Pro and the entire line of Tiffen/Steadicam rigs, and have found no comparison. Vibration is non-issue with this rig, and I have two posts, one fixed-length, and one telescoping. Even fully extended I have never had a problem. Greg at XCS has also been quite generous in sending out a loaner for people serious about purchasing. Call him- he's incredibly knowledgable and helpful.

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#4 Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy

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Posted 01 December 2004 - 05:34 PM

Steve Campanelli has some nice things to say about his new 2" MK-V post in this months ICG magazine.
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#5 PaulSommers



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Posted 02 December 2004 - 12:18 AM

I bought my expandable post from GPI when it first came out a few (6?) months ago. I have been very happy with it for a number of reasons. I really like the locking system on both the post and the gimbal. Not to slam on kip handles, but this is infinitely slicker, and easier to use.

I do alot of long lens work and I went to a solid post a few years ago to reduce vibration. I have been very happy with the rigidity of the new post. I feel almost no flex or vibration even in lowmode at 75mm with the post fully extended.

Also, I fly a lightweight II most of the time, but on my show we do a different flashback look for every episode so I've got different cameras on the rig all the time. No joke we are on episode 14 and we have used 12 film stocks and 3 video formats (tube Betacam, mini DV, Super VHS, 16 mm, 435, 8mm, 8mm extraction from 16mm...) I've had everything on my rig you can imagine in the last two years. My post and gimbal are all over the place. We will switch back and forth between formats twice a day. Reconfiguring is really quick, and so is going to lowmode.

I have been really happy with my post and my gimbal. I feel that they work together as part of a system that has been really well thought out. I agree that the gimbal is a deciding factor, but you have to look at both forward and backward compatability issues. I know that alot of people have frankenrigs but sometimes it's nice to avoid all those compatibility issues.

Just my two cents

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#6 TJ Williams

TJ Williams

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Posted 02 December 2004 - 03:46 PM

I've got Xcs std telescoping and super telescoping post. Of course these are way rigid.
Gregg is a serious wonk on rigidity. The thing I like about these that is not mentioned above is the locks on the ends. Each end of the post is locked to the top or bottom box by a bayonet mount similiar to the PL mount on film cameras but more beefy.
The inside of the mount has a rigid Amp multi pin connector so it is only necessary to plug the top and bottom into the connertor and spin the knurled knob tight to mount the post. This makes much quicker post changes, and allows breaking the kit down into a shorter smaller travel case. There is never any sticking or problem removing the post as on some units which lock onto tapered pins etc.

These posts are 2" dia carbon made by a special wrap that Gregg has had designed. They are amazingly rigid, and are a very exact fit under the gymbal with no change in diameter or egg shape in cross section, up and down the post, which I have had occur in aluminum posts after hard usage.

Bottom line posts from Pro, Xcs, MkV, and other quality manufacturers are of much better quality in terms of, materieal, design, features, toollessness, rigidity etc. than any of the rigs from only 10 years ago. Isn't competition wonderful!
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