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Left Hand Oblique Leg... pain!

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#1 thomas-english


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Posted 02 March 2010 - 05:50 AM

When I get back from shooting my left hand Oblique (Outer leg from IT band up to pelvis: fascia lata to gluteus medius ) seems to have done all the work. It muscle aches as though I have been in the gym. This got so bad on a job recently that I had difficulty walking during the shot. I have since started a robust stretching and rolling out regime of this massively hard muscle and its ok but...

What is going on? Why is only one of my legs doing all the work? I have a Klassen vest and I operate with the sled on my right hand side. I do have my klassen socket block (residing on the left of my body) adjustement quite far onto my left (top screw in bottom out). If I send it out to the right it makes the problems worse and if I send it to the left it does the same. Am I throwing one of my hips out? If so which one? I can't work it out... No amount of staring in the mirror or watching footage of myself operating helps.

I am hoping someone else has had experience of this phenomenon. Its ok now but I reckon 10 years down the line it could be a career breaker.

Thanks guys

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#2 Aaron Medick SOC

Aaron Medick SOC

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 06:31 PM

I think I had a similar/same issue. I also operate Goofy. I don't think that has anything to do with it. I had no issues with my body and BM vest for the first 2 years I was using it. What triggered this pain and tightness for me was a Music Video Oner. We shot over night on a very cold night. My normal warm up and stretching was not enough. I did 14 takes of the 4 minute song. I was hurting for a while after that. I called Walter and we talk it over. The one thing that helped the vest was putting the vest arm in the middle position. I was constantly leaving it low and then adjusting it up when a shot needed it. Walter recommended I use the middle as my default and go up or down as needed. I could feel immediately relief to the injured muscles with the arm in the middle.

I also noticed that when I was waiting around I would put most of my weight on my Left foot. Now I try to stand with my weight evenly distributed.

I also added a layer over all to my body so I would stay a little warmer. I realized I'm not a spring chicken any more and we are basically professional athletes with out all the GHB, fame, and money. In my mind i was a gladiator, in reality I'm a fragile pitcher trying to stay loose and warm between shot/inning.

I also got the pieces so I could change the side that I operate on. I believe that I over trained my left side.

I also, bought a front mounted vest. I believe that to achieve balance I should use both front and BM vests and operate from the left and the right sides. I haven't been bold enough to switch sides will on the clock, but If I have done a few days or a hard day with the back mounted vest, I switch to the front mounted vest for a few shots or a day.

And Stretch and work out, consistently, I had gotten a little slack at that time and I paid the price. Today I feel good, so rest assured you will figure it out and heal up.

I have been waling in MBT shoes as much as possible and they really help me get in alignment. That reminded my time to update taht thread.

Hope that helps. Call Walter he wants to be involved and help in any way he can.

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#3 thomas-english


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Posted 02 March 2010 - 07:15 PM

Thanks mate,

I got a call from Walter today full of really good advice. I have put my straight setting on rather than the 7° tilt one (back mount arm angle) and I am going to start swapping sides and using my old 3a vest for a few shots a day to surprise my legs. Walter really does set examples for kit suppliers. He deserves a medal for his customer service.

I am feeling confident about this. My issue is I do a lot of music videos that are straight Steadicam for 16 hours. Often long long shots. I have removed all evidence of music videos from my showreels in the vain hope of getting more "serious" work.

Thanks for the advice.
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#4 thomas-english


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Posted 13 April 2010 - 08:26 AM

Walter gave incredible advice on this and offered to send me different back plates. Fantastic service.

After a good period of using a straight backplate (with a straight klassen arm), swapping out with my 3a vest a little and using as a foam roller on my oblique I am pleased to say that I am fully fixed!

There does seem to be a difference in how a socket block at an angle due to a different back plate and a socket block at an angle due to the two screws being set different seem to effect the body differently. Conclusion: The is a lot going on in biomechanics.
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