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just curious...

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#1 Mike McGowan SOC

Mike McGowan SOC

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Posted 26 December 2009 - 04:05 PM

what is the groups thought on pricing used equipment? for me personally as a buyer, if im not going to get it brand new from the factory, i expect to pay about half of the equipment's new value. again, for me personally, it's not worth saving ten or 20 percent to skip the warranty, ability to finance, customer service, etc...

ive seen a lot of equipment for sale around the web and it always floors me to think that the poster expected to get the price they were asking. for a point of reference, i sold my first PRO (8 year old gen 1) with a PRO arm (arm #21), PRO vest (#5), and my Preston (2nd gen) with 2 motors, Modulous 3000, Super post, Back up monitor and a million cables (a totally complete ready to walk on to James Cameron's next Titanic rig) for $39,000. Now it was 8 years old, some of the batteries were less than stellar, the arm needed some work as it had a crack near the post and the pads needed replacing on the vest. I feel like I got a good deal and I felt like I gave the buyer a good deal. I started at 40k and dropped the price 1k because of the crack in the arm. I was also ready to sell and didn't want to sit on the rig for 6 months trying to eek out another 5 or 10 grand.

does anybody else think it's crazy to expect to sell something used for like 10% less than you could buy it for new???????????
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#2 Charles Papert

Charles Papert

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Posted 26 December 2009 - 04:23 PM

Yes, generally. The exception might be an older item that has since been replaced with a newer version that costs more, thus the value of the older item will be greater than it may have been prior. Or, items that may often be backordered new (backups at Preston for instance), and the buyer needs a system to work immediately on a show and is willing to pay what is essentially a surcharge based on availability.

In general, I think that the 50% rule is fair to all for older gear that shows wear and tear but still works. I think under the above circumstances, certain types of gear can command up to 80% of the new price. 90% would have to be gear that is for all intents and purposes brand new, and there is also no sales tax or duty involved.

Now that all said, it's up to the buyer if they choose to pay and arm and a leg for a given piece of gear. If someone doesn't want to bother to do their (fairly easy) research of comp prices via the web, it's their own fault if they pay too much.

Turnkey packages are a little complicated; it's an easier transaction for the seller but you never get as much as if you split the package up. It's actually somewhat ironic in that the buyer is getting a complete package for a lot less work AND less money--in some ways it almost seems like a turnkey package should cost more than the individual parts!
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